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A musician since a very young age, my first exposure to the world of entertainment was at the age of 12, playing in a school hall in Dublin with some friends. As a child, I was influenced by my father's record collection which included Lonnie Donegan, Elvis and many traditional Irish musicians. I was also fascinated by my Grandfathers ability to play almost any instrument he could lay his hands on, and spent many an afternoon listening and jamming with him. I have since then been a member of numerous covers and original bands, and have gigged extensively around Britain and Ireland.

I am a guitarist, but since setting up my homestudio, I have discovered and enjoyed composing with other instruments and sounds. Normusic was set up in 2006 after graduating from Music For The Media. Since then, I have been involved with several successful projects, on which you will find more information throughout this site.

My aim for normusic is not only to be involved in all aspects of composing and recording for the media industry, but also to continue creating and recording my own material. I also enjoy recording with other artists, and have collaborated on projects with friends resulting in chart success and major radio interest in 2006 with Young Stanley.

Find out some more about me at: http://shootingpeople.org/cards/normusic

You can see a copy of my CV here

Email me  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if you would like to discuss any current projects, or would just like to find out more about my past projects






"Musically an original, quirky, sound that establishes a viable style... Nice production and writing"

Richard Attree
BBC's Radiophonic Workshop.
Double Sony award winner for BBC Radio One.
MFTM Tutor.



"Noel......under-rated guitarist.......his distinct style is a pleasure to hear (even in sound checks)"

Dave Shack
ex Metal Forces Editor
now at Sony BMG



"How the hell does he do that?"

Tina Lockett
Straight Curve
Bafta nominated Producer 2008 - My Darling Wife



"I really can't say thank you enough for all that you did for the film. To not even meet you and you produce something that is so perfect, which really strengthened the film no end."

Matt Loudon
Magic Dust Productions
Bafta Nominated Director - My Darling Wife